Wednesday, July 05, 2006

She Drove a Bus...

She was qualified to be a nurse. She had the degree. Most of her family members were either nurses or doctors, in some way related to the medical profession. And of course it would have paid better. And yet she drove a bus. For two simple reasons. She loved to drive and meet people! What could be better than to get paid to indulge in ones passions? Hats off to her. Many ‘exalted’ individuals don’t manage to get anywhere close to this.
Doing what one likes is Freedom,
Liking what one does is Happiness…


Blogger NN said...

"Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do, and that Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do."
-Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence

8/01/2006 9:34 am  
Blogger EQUINOX said...

very true!! :-)

8/02/2006 8:02 am  

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