Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Their's not to question...

We often find criticisms of how the Indian government mistreats its soldiers. While the criticisms are often justified, at least our soldiers are fighting for India in India. A recent study reveals that the ongoing war in Iraq was started by the Bush administration by propagating false information in the form of more than 900 false or misleading statements in a variety of forums. [Link] What started out in March 2003 as a jingoistic show of power has today become a bitter civil war which has ruined the country completely. What kind of a government sends out its soldiers to fight someone else’s war in a foreign land and get killed in the process? And that too on false pretences. I think it’s a matter of great shame for a country that prides itself on the power of its armed forces and whose movies spare no effort to glorify these men and their decision makers. While I have immense respect for the soldiers who fight these wars, I am not sure the US president and administration is really as sharp and morally upright as their movies and shows portray. And what I don’t get is; the same people who were clamouring for Iraq’s ‘weapons of mass destruction’ to be eliminated, are quiet today as the conflict drags on and takes more lives each day. (American lives of course! as they don’t really care about the lives of people from a ‘lesser’ country)[Link]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you think it ended @ the fake moon landing??? It's all a conspiracy, man!!

1/23/2008 8:42 pm  

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