Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The New Breed...

The recent attack on Srinagar has once again brought the Kashmir issue to the forefront. And this was one of the main objectives of the terrorists and their handlers across the borders. In a chilling encore reminiscent of the 2008 Mumbai attacks, two terrorists opened fire at Lal Chowk and then hid themselves in a three storied hotel. They were killed after a 22 hour operation. One policeman and nine civilians lost their lives. While the vast majority may be quick to dismiss this as another common incident in the troubled valley, they would be very wrong to do so.
This was not just a random attack by religious fanatics. This was a coordinated and well planned mission against India with specific objectives in mind. The objectives being:
To stir up the Kashmir pot again in order to take away focus from Pakistan’s internal
problems and war on terror. This would also provoke India to take steps against Pakistan which can then be used as justification to move forces away from the Afghan border.
B. To cause increased discontent and distrust in the capabilities of the Indian security forces
among the common public.
To inflict massive financial damage to the state and the country.
And by the looks of it, they have succeeded in their goals. For further proof, here are some excerpts of the conversations between the terrorists and their handlers

Chief: Allah ka karam. Khair aap sunao..kaise soorte haal hai ? ( By God's grace, all is well. How are you?)
Terrorist: Ladh rahe hain dushman ke saath.(We are fighting the enemy)
Chief: Allah taala aapko istaqamat de. (May Allah give you strength)
Terrorist: Aameen, Aameen, Aameen.
Chief: Goya ji, aapne murde ghoron mein dobara jaan daal di. (You have revived an old and dead issue)
Terrorist: Insha-Allah, Insha-AllahChief: Inshallah aapki qurbaani se, is mehnat se, nayee tareekh-e-Kashmir par achcha asar padega. (Your efforts and sacrifice will help revive the fight for Kashmir. It would be good for the cause.)
Terrorist: Ameen.Chief: Kashmir ke tareekh, Insha-Allah dobara apne usi tarz par aayegi. Bada Achcha asar padh raha hai iska. (Your efforts are proving to be good for the Kashmir cause)Terrorist: Saare saathiyon se kehna hamaare liye dua karein. (Tell our brothers to pray for us.)Chief: Insha-Allah sab yehi dua kar rahe hain ki. (Everyone is praying)
Terrorist: Baaki koyi nayi taazi. (Anything new?)
Chief: Koi nahin. Allah ka kaam hai, saathiyon ko himmat de..jitne der chala sakte ho, utni der chalayein. (May Allah give you strength. Prolong it as long as you can.)
Terrorist: Insha-Allah. Jab tak hamare paas hai, ladenge inke saath. (Till they are with us, we will continue to fight)
Chief: Ehtiyaat ke saath..ek ek do do karke mashroof rakho. Inka zyaada se zyaada kharcha aayega. Dabav padega inpar. (Fire intermittently and carefully. It will cost them more and put pressure on them)
Terrorist: Lakhon ke hisaab se inka kharcha hua hai. Kal ek baje se shuru kui hhai fight..puri raat chalti rahi hai. (They have already spent lakhs. It started at 1:00 yesterday, and it continued overnight.

This is the new face of terrorism. Fanatic misguided youth used as precision weapons to achieve set goals by their controllers across the borders. And this is way more terrifying than the random bomb blast. This means there is a deliberate attempt to systematically erode the foundations of our society and economy. An attempt which is aided by the ineptitude of those that govern us. In the face of this we as citizens must do our best to help alleviate the situation.
I request all my fellow countrymen to be alert and on guard. Help the security apparatus keep you and your loved one safe. The next time you complain about a long wait at any security checkpoint always weigh the loss of those few moments of time against the loss of the rest of your life. Take pride in following laws and not breaking them. Let the police and other security forces concentrate on what their real job is. Keeping us safe from the enemy. So far all they manage to do is try and keep us safe from ourselves.

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