Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winds of Change?

Sand sculpture in Puri, India
Photo courtesy: Associated Press

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Blogger 666 said...

Whats it doing in Puri!! Man.. people in Orissa are dying of hunger, malnutrition, religious genocide.. I am not too sure 'change has happened'. Reminds me of our discussion the other day, people in India are more interested in whats happening elsewhere. Sad

Super sculpture though. Amazing talent.

1/21/2009 8:28 am  
Anonymous Tejaswy said...

Not really sure about is comments...

So according to him...there should no talent in india.

2/07/2009 1:36 am  
Blogger EQUINOX said...

@ Tejaswy: That is not what he says. He admires the talent.

2/11/2009 9:05 pm  
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