Monday, October 25, 2010

Car Wash

I am a frequent car wash visitor. Having a fetish for black cars and wanting to keep them gleaming means I need to make these trips quite often. And having nothing better to do while waiting in line, I watch the car in front of me at the wash. Some owners display a few quirks. I first thought they were isolated cases, but having seen it on numerous occasions its time to put it down in words. On a short note this is all at touch free car washes as I only go to those.
Firstly there are the people that have trouble getting their car in the right position. Either that or they enjoy the loud and harsh noise of the buzzer in their ears enough to listen to it multiple times as they rock back and forth trying to get the car on that sweet spot.
Then there are the extra helpful ones. Being active people they cannot of course sit idly in the car while the wash is on. They must do their bit for the cause. So they will dutifully run their wipers every time something is sprayed on the windscreen. First time when the soap is sprayed. They must be scared the wash will just leave them with soap suds on. So on go the wipers. Then the high pressure wash starts and again the wipers are hard at work. This can actually be potentially damaging to the wipers as the water pressure is high enough to rock the whole car. And if that spray doesn’t clean the windshield, the flimsy wipers will do squat. The last attempt is during the waxing. Again this is counterproductive as the wax does not settle on the windshield thus taking away what little protection it provides. But hey, whatever makes them happy.
Most people keep the car running even though it has to sit at the spot at least for a minute. I never get why the waste of fuel. And finally there was the one person who kept the wipers going into the air dryer. I will not comment on that one!

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