Friday, August 18, 2006

Home is Where....

June 2004 to Aug 2005
There is something special about working in the city where your home is. Having stayed away from home for the first year of my professional career I decided to touch base again. Base happens to be Pune. Maybe it’s the aura of the city that draws me to it. Or just the fact that every memory in the past twenty odd years has an association with this city. Whatever it may be, the city has something magical about it. For me, it is home. And I am glad to have grown up there. I have seen the city with the eyes of a school going kid, a high school teenager and an engineering undergraduate. And now I was seeing it as an employed professional. But then maybe it was an illusion. The city did not change. I did. The people did. After all, a city is nothing but a reflection of the people who reside there.
And so there I was. On my bike, in my city. It instilled a sense of freedom, a sense of exhilaration and a quiet comfort in the fact that I was always on home turf. And even then at the end of the day I had a home to go to.
But then the human spirit is not easily appeased. Soon the feeling gave way to something more intense. The need to do something more. To get out of that comfort zone. After all there was more to life. There is always more to life for those who dare to dream. I had always been a dreamer. Now it was time to give those dreams a tangible manifestation.


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