Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Co(i)nman

Early morning at the Chicago Union Station. I wait along-with about a dozen other equally drowsy passengers. Conversation is non existent, most people just staring at the tracks willing the train to arrive. Enter a decent American man dressed formally for work. He carries a briefcase. Having nothing better to do I stare at his actions. All the benches are occupied and I wonder where he plans to sit. However his objectives differ. Without the slightest glance at the other passengers he heads towards the bank of payphones. I chuckle at the thought of the expletives with which he might be greeted if he were to call a fast asleep Indian. However he does not call. With the skill of a seasoned veteran he glides across all the phones, checking the coin-return slot of each with his index finger. In a jiffy he is done and apparently unsuccessful, he heads to earn his living in other conventional ways!


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