Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The Location: Aboard the Metra (Metropolitan Rail) in Chicago
The Protagonists: I, Me, Myself (Henceforth referred to as IMM), Demented, Stoned, Drunk Woman
(Henceforth referred to as DSDW)
The Spectators:
Other Passengers
(Henceforth referred to as OP)
It is a weekday evening. The train is quite full with people travelling towards Chicago. I am engrossed in a novel. There is a vacant seat in front of me. DSDW enters and occupies the seat in front of me. And then its showtime.

DSDW: (Looking around) I need some cocaine. Got to have some cocaine now.
OP & IMM: What theā€¦!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seeing that we were all unable to fulfill her request DSDW quietly mutters obscenities to herself for a while. Then she spots me. She starts pointing at me and making weird gestures. She tries her best to attract the attention of OP and whenever any of them looks towards her she points at me and makes funny gestures. By this time I am staring into my novel trying to stop myself from bursting out with laughter.
This goes on for about 30 minutes. Finally its time to get off the train. DSDW then says to me.
DSDW: You people are ruining our countries
DSDW: You think you can, but you cant. They will come for you one day.
IMM: Playing a superlative act of being deaf

OP: All sniggering to themselves
DSDW: What about all the doctors and the nurses. Oh God, all the doctors.
IMM: Huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DSDW: Not very long now.
DSDW: Go back to Africa where you came from!
At this point I notice that DSDW happens to be of African-American origin.
IMM: (In my mind. Else I would have been dead by now) You are the one from Africa, not me!!

Serves me right for ridiculing all those Fair and Lovely ads back home.


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