Wednesday, January 28, 2009

They Shall Live On...

It has been almost a decade since we fought the Kargil war. As is the norm, we have moved on with our lives and forgotten the 600 men who laid down their lives for our country. But I recently came across an article about those men. And every time I read it, I end up with a fair sized lump in my throat. Please take some time off your schedules and spend a few quiet minutes with them. I think every Indian owes them that much.

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Blogger 666 said...

hmm .. this was quite a article! even i was a little shaken reading it. I think i will set one of my stories on the backdrop of Kargil.

In that article i noticed a line saying this army's officer casuality ratio is the highest in the world! .. Is it so??

1/28/2009 10:49 pm  

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