Wednesday, January 31, 2007

First World Mendicants

They are usually found to frequent the various bus shelters of Chicago and its suburbs. At first sight they would appear to be just another passenger. But then, sighting a ‘third world’ resident, they casually walk up to you. And ask you for money to ride on the bus. And any bus mind you! Doesn’t matter where it’s going! And if you refuse, some give you a blood-chilling glare while others shower you with the latest version of expletives.
We foreign students happen to be among the lower economic strata of society here. But still we seem to be the target of these ‘requests’ for financial assistance. And why on earth should I hand over my hard earned money to some guy who is living off social security, and wearing a $100 suit at that!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back With A...

Well heres ending a self imposed hiatus from blogging. It was mostly the result of a month long India trip. And theres a lot that needs to be penned down about that. Shall do that when I am not feeling wretched about coming back to an ice cold welcome (literally)!
So I am back... but the bang is yet to come!