Monday, November 13, 2006

Change for the Verse

I made a big decision a little while ago.
I don't remember what it was, which prob'ly goes to show
That many times a simple choice can prove to be essential
Even though it often might appear inconsequential.

I must have been distracted when I left my home because
Left or right I'm sure I went. (I wonder which it was!)
Anyway, I never veered: I walked in that direction
Utterly absorbed, it seems, in quiet introspection.

For no reason I can think of, I've wandered far astray.
And that is how I got to where I find myself today.
~ The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes

Monday, November 06, 2006

Carpe Diem

Recently, a friend sent me an article about living the moment. As I went through it, every paragraph hit home with amazing accuracy. And soon I was left wondering where all those moments went. They say time flies, but here its going supersonic. When I was younger I looked forward to a life which I would call my own, where I would rule. It’s been quite a few years since then, and I don’t exactly seem to be ruling anything yet.
Life now is no longer made up of moments, but chunks of time, which are devoted to some special activity toward building a secure ‘future’. And those chunks seem to get used up at an alarming rate. So we forfeit the present for the future, and it happens to be an infinite loop. Often I wonder about an incident that seems like it happened a few days back, but it suddenly occurs that its something that happened more than a few years back. Now many might say a year or two is not a long time. Well it is, and I want it to be. I don’t want my life to rush by so fast that I’m left wondering whether I am even a part of it any more! If a period of three years can vanish in no time, we will soon have lived up our life. And I am certain I don’t want to do that.
Most of us spend each day in the pursuit of that promising land, that idyllic existence for which we work our youth away in a jiffy. There is a school of thought that says youth is the time to work so that one can have a good old age. Well I beg to differ. I’d rather enjoy each moment of today to the fullest than spend it hoping that sometime in the future I might have a relaxed life. If I live to be that old, I don’t think I’d really care then about things that matter to me today. And with the increasing problems in the world, I’m not sure I even look forward to where we are heading. So I’m gonna get myself something that is rapidly diminishing from my daily existence. I’m gonna get my life back. And enjoy each moment. I might be a poor man when I’m old, but I’d like to be rich when it really matters!!
Nothing is as far away as a moment ago…Carpe Diem folks…