Thursday, July 17, 2008

Compare, Contrast and Shame...

I recently read this article and I was touched. Not just by the pathos of the situation but also by the reaction of the nation towards its fallen warriors. This is a nation that fought tooth and nail for the bodies of two soldiers captured 2 years back. This is a nation which is still fighting for the third soldier who was captured about two years ago. This is a nation that respects and loves the people who fight for the country. This is a nation that spares no effort to ensure its soldiers and their families feel every bit like the heroes they are. This is a nation that does not trade precious lives for petty political gain. This is a nation that we have a lot to learn from and emulate. Especially considering this is how we treat those who lay down their lives for us.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


It is said that the purpose of evolution is to move towards being the best that a species can get. We are supposed to have evolved from apes. Then why are apes still around? Once the next form of evolution is reached then should'nt the earlier form stop being around?
On the same lines we should all be evolving towards one superior being which would have the best qualities of all species. While I dont see that happening, if it ever does, I sure hope it is as far away from the 'Homo sapiens sapiens' species as possible.