Monday, April 23, 2007

Book of Life...

My life, like that of many others, is an open book. It's just that the writing in it happens to be in invisible ink.


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bozos in Enzos

The Ferrari F60; an ode to the creator of some of the most refined and desirable automobiles man has driven. They called it the Enzo. And what a car! It’s an F1 car built for the road. Its 640bhp V12 engine powers it to a top speed of over 215mph. Each part of the car is built for a purpose. And when they all come together, the effect is simply magnificent. All $1.5 million of it. But wait, even if you had that kind of greenbacks you could not buy it. You had to be chosen by Ferrari to get this baby in your driveway. And only 400 people were fortunate enough to be the chosen ones.

So, doesn’t such a car deserve some special treatment worthy of its stature? Comedian Eddie Griffin does not seem to think so. Recently he crashed an Enzo into a concrete barrier while he was practicing for a charity racing event at Irwindale Speedway in Irwindale, California. The car was reportedly damaged beyond repair. And it wasn’t even his car! It belonged to Daniel Sadek, the producer of his latest film.Later he joked about it and even had a picture taken with one foot on the broken car. And there are rumors afloat that it was a publicity stunt for his film featuring the car. Which is why I am not putting up any links. I think it was disgraceful to destroy such a magnificent machine for some crappy publicity stunt. And then joke about it in such a brash manner.

Mr. Griffin may think its funny, but auto enthusiasts everywhere will be quick to point out that no ones really laughing.

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