Thursday, August 23, 2007

To the Chinese School

Karnataka state legislators have developed a sense of wanderlust. This week, 180 of them are leaving for a 14 day ‘study tour’ to China. Yes, 180!
The number would have been larger except for the fact that some morally upright ministers opted out citing the excuse of having already visited the country. (Now if it was Switzerland it would probably be a different story…) A lot of the ministers do not even have passports and have left that to the state to procure for them.
The trip will cost the state exchequer about Rs.1.64 lakh per head. That’s approximately 3 crores! This is fine because apparently they are allotted about 2 lakh per year for such expenses and also claim to have saved a lot of money for the state. However the state faces severe droughts and floods (yes, at the same time!) and apparently funds have been requested from the central Government. I wonder whether the few crores could have brought some relief to the affected. But I am making a mistake here. It’s a study tour and we Indians know that education is the cure for the countries maladies.
Of course, China being such a large country with such a huge population, we surely need to send a large contingent there to represent our teeming billions and to let them know that in that one race, we have them beat. While they can boast of manufacturing everything sold all over the world, we can surely beat them with the number of babies we produce and then export abroad. After all babies are the true face of God, but then what would those atheists know. Besides 10 people can’t be expected to learn everything, right? These are ministers and we must be fair in considering their diminished intelligence quotients.
And while the ‘common man’ would gladly set half the country ablaze if someone threw a slipper at a dusty, neglected, bird dropping covered statue, they are fine with their ministers romping around using their money while they go hungry. At least the Chinese will be diverted from their plans of global conquest into thinking how they would pronounce the names of these folks! So, to our elected representatives… bon voyage!

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