Tuesday, August 17, 2010

He and the Sea...

It was that kind of day. Hot, humid and sticky as far as the weather went. The sky was a gloomy shade of gray. In many ways, this also represented the general mood that engulfed him. He had not slept much of late but still was not drowsy. His normal sarcasm was toned down to a few feeble attempts at humor. Thankfully, he managed to conceal this well enough behind a smiling fa├žade to get by without raising concern. So when he was asked about going to the beach, he was not really jumping for joy. But he went along nevertheless.
It was late evening and the clouds in the sky meant dusk was rapidly approaching. The beach looked far from the portrayed ideal. Dull gray sand and the dull gray waters of the Atlantic. Again, he marveled at how the weather reflected his mood.
For a while he stood staring blankly into nothingness. Then he felt a stiff breeze blowing. Somehow it made the heat bearable. His attention drifted to the sea. It was angry. Wave after wave came crashing down trying to beat the sands into submission. As he watched them, it struck him how similar they were to the turmoil of thoughts in his head. Each one trying to outdo the other.
Slowly the rest of the world faded out and he stood there conversing with the sea. It was almost like he was looking for some kind of an answer. But the sea does not provide answers. Not in real life anyway. Strangely though, in that raucous cacophony and chaos of crashing waves, for a fleeting moment, he found peace.