Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Ones We missed...

Everyone is aware of the role played by the NSG, Marcos and the ATS in fighting the terrorists who attacked Mumbai. However the role of the Mumbai Police seems to have escaped the public eye. It was baton weilding policemen who led to the capture of the lone live terrorist. And please find time to watch this CCTV footage captured during the initial stages of the terrorists occupying the Taj. The police on the second floor were told to hold the terrorists at bay on the fifth floor. Though armed with handguns and World War I vintage 0.303 rifles against AK 47 assault rifles and and grenades, they put up a brave front. To point out the enormity of their task, consider the fact that the .303 is a bolt action rifle which has to be manually loaded after firing each round. Compare this to the 600 rounds per minute rate of fire of the Kalashnikov, which is widely rated among the top two assault rifles in the world. And then the terrorists lobbed a few grenades to add to the horror.
In the face of such insurmountable odds, listen to the calm conversation between the policemen. I quote, "We will not allow them to come down, though we die. That we will do sir. Over sir"
This is courage. These are real life heroes. I am speechless.

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008


To the ATS, NSG and MARCOS:
Our heartfelt thanks to you once again. Once again you have proved your bravery and your patriotism for this ungrateful nation. Once again you have overcome all hurdles and won. Once again you have smiled and just done “your duty” knowing fully well that you will be forgotten as soon as the newspaper headlines change. Once again you have displayed that real heroes are humble and not brash like our politicians. Once again you have shown that you are one of the rare institutions in this country that one can still look up to with pride.

To Mr. Unnikrishnan (Father of martyred NSG Major Sandeep):
I hope more fathers are like you. I hope more fathers are ready to dedicate their offspring’s sacrifice to the country and not to the scum that runs it. And I hope more of us have the courage in us to kick these scum out of our houses, our lives and our parliaments.

To the Defence Planners:
The NSG, our highly trained special forces, had to travel to the scene in BEST buses and that too after waiting for a while. In comparison a city police SWAT team in the USA has their own armoured vehicle for insertions. The NSG lacked night vision devices and could not see the terrorists in the dark. And they actually had to carry walkie-talkies around? Occupying one hand out of 2 is not such a great advantage now is it? If they are risking their lives for us, isn’t it time we gave them the best equipment they require.

To my fellow Indians:
How much is enough? And how much more will we tolerate? When will we stop just being resilient and absorbing these crimes? And when will we start respecting our real heroes? We worship movie stars. We worship our cricketing heroes each time they play a tough game and win. And yet we will forget these heroes who fought for days without food so that we could sleep in peace. Just because our cricketers play many matches all year round and are always in the news. But our soldiers get just one match. And if they lose there is no second chance. But is that reason enough to forget the few who made the ultimate sacrifice?

To the US Media:
This is not just about the Americans who died. So do not go about crying for them and treating them like heroes. There were hundreds of other people who suffered and lost their lives. They were not Americans. They were brown skinned third world people. But they had lives too. They had families too. And they did not deserve this either. So a little respect for these people please. When 9/11 happened the Indian media didn’t just report on the Indians who lost their lives. And you know why? Because we have been living with this for years. And we know much better than you how it feels. Where were you when the earlier blasts happened? It did not matter then right? Since no American died there. You had just one attack on your soil and you act like a bunch of paranoid sheep. And do not criticize our defence forces. You had the largest Air Force in the world and you could not stop 5 planes from wreaking havoc in your country. And your terrorist actually comes with a face that is completely unlike your countrymen. So try finding a terrorist in a billion people who look alike. Try living with terror. And till you do that, don’t comment on the people of a country that you know next to nothing about. Till you understand what India faces everyday, just shut up.

To the Kerala Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan:
Thank you for vindicating our stand when we say our politicians are a bunch of inhuman scum. Thank you for being honest and showing your true colours. For letting us know that the last thing you care about is the lives and the respect of the people you represent.

To Raj Thakre and his cohorts:
Did you guys ensure that all the Special Forces operating there were Maharashtrians? Guess not. How did this NSG Major from Kerala manage to sacrifice his life for Maharashtra? Or for that matter the other NSG commando from Bihar? Will you not burn a few shops to ensure only Marathi people are allowed to fight terrorists in Mumbai? And this was a direct attack on your beloved Mumbai. I’m sure your brave workers were out there at the forefront supporting the armed forces and saving the pride of your Marathi Capital? Maj. Sandeep’s father dedicated his life to India. Not to Kerala or Bangalore or to the Malyali speaking people. But to the country. That’s what true Indians do. But you would not understand. You must be feeling great considering how insignificant your asinine agenda seems in front of the real issues the country faces.

To Mr. Terrorist:
I will never tire of saying that you and all your friends and supporters are the most cowardly bunch of bastards the world has seen. The skewed version of faith you claim to defend must have one squeamish little powerless god. Since he only directs you to attack unarmed civilians and then cry like a baby for your own life when captured. Beyond that all I hope for is that you die in the worst and the most humiliating manner possible and never attain the promises of heaven you were given.

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